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Unfulfilled Love – performance marking the end of the school year

plakatOn June 28, the Ai Foundation co-organized a theatrical performance „Unfulfilled Love”, based on the motives of the Japanese fairy tale about the moon princess Kaguya-hime. The innovative project was carried out in cooperation with the BJ Language Centre language school, with all attention paid to the Japanese stylistics. The ​​rich costumes, martial arts demonstration, fan dance and special effects (such as coins spilling out of bamboo trunks, the Fuji Mountain really smoking) hugely impressed the audience.

Young people studying Japanese in the language school had the opportunity to present their acting skills, performing all the dialogues in Japanese.  The performance was the outcome of a theatrical workshop, under the supervision of Mrs. Eri Mizutani of Lodz State Higher School of Television, Film and Theatre. Practicing diction in Japanese proved very useful to the performers, as on the stage of the theatre at 34 Tuwima Street the actors performed without microphones.

The performance was accompanied by an exhibition of Japan-inspired paintings by Ewa Tomporek-Fukuoka. Ewa had also made most of the props for the show. The armor for  the martial arts  show was made by a student of  ​​Japanese in the BJ Langauge Centre, Michael Gorniak, who  was also responsible for the hair styling of the actors.

After the show, everyone had the opportunity to purchase commemorative bricks; the income will be used for the development of the Foundation and workshops for young people.

We wold like to sincerely thank everybody involved in the project, looking forward to many further interesting initiatives in the future.

Family Picnic for children from the Hospice

On June 17 this year, the Ai Foundation participated in the Family Picnic, organized by the Association of Lodz Hospice for the children under their care and their families for Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and Father’s Day. The event was held at the Centre Jedliczanka in Jedlicze near Grotniki.

Japanese costumes,  calligraphy of the names and learning the basic phrases of politeness in Japanese met with great interest. All children received gifts from the Japanese imperial couple; additionally, the  Foundation donated origami dolls, which we received as a gift from the Mom of Ms Eri Mizutani, from the house of culture in Kyoto.